seniorfitnessPhysical fitness benefits lifestyles of all ages, including Huntsville seniors. From obesity to heart disease to depression, staying active lowers the risks of many conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, life is simply more enjoyable when we feel better.

It can be challenging for older Americans to move around, but any physical activity started at a slow pace and under the supervision of a physician can improve health. It doesn’t take a gym to get fit.

Here’s just a few ways anyone can work out as part of their regular day:

Walking: This is the gold standard in senior fitness for those who do not have mobility issues. Practicing walking in a straight line helps improve balance, which can help seniors avoid falls that can lead to serious injuries. The simple act of walking a short distance, if able, instead of riding in a car can add bone and muscle, burn calories, and increase endurance. Even the simple act of walking though hallways of the Regency Retirement Community of Huntsville helps. It’s important to have a good pair of shoes to walk in.

Stretching: This improves flexibility and lessens the chance of injuries from walking.

Swimming: A dip in a pool not only provides a low-impact way to exercise, it’s a fun way to spend time with grandchildren or other seniors. Treading water builds stamina, elevating heart rates while improving endurance.

Climbing: As long as it doesn’t cause you physical pain, take the stairs instead of riding an elevator or escalator.

Lift Everyday Objects: You can improvise weights by substituting cans for dumbbells, for example. But make sure you are strong enough and have a firm grip to avoid accidentally dropping. Even light lifting can have an impact with repetition.

In no time at all, you’ll be happier, have more energy and reduce your risk of a whole list of ailments attributed to sitting too much and not being active enough.

Be sure to ask about activities promoting physical fitness at Regency Retirement Community of Huntsville.