Best Places for Seniors to Live

Things to Consider when Planning to Relocate

As you become older relocating can be a huge process. There are multiple aspects that are involved when deciding on a place to live when retiring. The number one priority when relocating is how much it would cost to live. You would need to think about monthly and yearly expenses with payments such as a mortgage, utilities, cars, taxes, etc. You would also want to think about other miscellaneous expenses such as dining, weekly/weekend activities and so forth. After the budget has been put in to place it is time to think about other aspects of finding the right place for retirement.

Family and Friends

huntsville alabama among the best places for seniors to live

Green Mountain is one of the best spots that make Huntsville Alabama a scenic wonderland.

Many seniors who are looking for a place to retire take into consideration how far away they may be to family and friends. A major benefit of retirement is being able to spend more time with your close loved ones, and having to travel a long time to see them may not be ideal as you get older. Therefore, many seniors find it best to choose a place that is close to those loved ones or may have easy access to an airport where traveling can be easy for both you and your family. Huntsville’s international airport is located about 10 miles southwest of downtown Huntsville, with 4 major airlines that fly to and from multiple destinations within the country.

Cost of Living

Cost of living is the number one priority when relocating for retirement. When retiring you have to adjust to living on a fixed income compared to having monthly income while working, and therefore choosing the right city to live in is important. This can be worrisome, but do not fret because in Huntsville, Alabama the cost of living is 8.6% lower than the national average. Another great reason to live in Huntsville is that you can live here for less than $40,000 a year.


Having things to do is vital during retirement. When choosing where to live it is best to look at what activities that city has to offer. Most cities offer plenty of activities, but not all of those activities are enjoyable for those in retirement. However, Huntsville has many activities for seniors who want to move to this great city.

Huntsville is home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. This museum showcases rockets, achievements, as well as artifacts of the U.S. space program. If astronomy is up your alley then this is a great place to visit.

Another great place to tour is the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. It located on Wallace Ave and has 112 acres. It is also near the Space and Rocket Center if you would like to knock two trips in one. The garden is fifth on Alabama’s list of top paid attractions. Seniors wanting to move here will find this to be a cool place to have a relaxing afternoon.

Lastly, if you are an art lover, Huntsville is home to the Huntsville Museum of Art. Founded in 1970, it is located in Downtown within Big Spring Park. It is a magnet for many cultural activities. The facility is 75,034 square feet and has 14 galleries. This museum is a must-see attraction.


Climate is a top factor when deciding when choosing where to live. While some people may love to see the leaves change and those snowy holidays, more like to be where the weather is warmer. Huntsville’s climate is very warm with lots of sun, along with rain throughout the year. Don’t worry though, if you love cooler winters Huntsville gets about 2 inches of snow a year.


As we near retirement age, the quality of healthcare nearby becomes a larger concern. A small town in the middle of nowhere may offer simplicity and quietness, but what if an emergency prompts a need for more urgent medical attention? A huge benefit of the Huntsville Regency communities is the staffing we offer by qualified personnel who can respond 24/7 for those with chronic medical needs as well as those who simply like having another person around to remind them when it’s time to take any prescribed medicines they have. A private house may offer solitude that some crave, but when living in a retirement community, there’s less reliance on the thoughtfulness and concern of neighbors to check in to make sure a senior who is living inside hasn’t fallen and broken a bone, for example.

Even if a senior is fit and independent enough to be self-reliant, we should think ahead to in the future when age does become more of a factor. It’s good to know that if an ambulance is ever needed, the EMT drivers are familiar with where a senior living community is located and how to get there quickly to respond. Regency’s residence and service options range from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Care.

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