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Our Pathways Intentional Memory Care program is designed to provide support to our residents who are dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. Inspired by COO Jeff Clay’s experience with his own grandmother, this program seeks to provide the best quality care for each resident who can benefit from these services.

The name of the program comes from the power that can come from tapping into the brain’s pathways. Our program uses activities rooted in  music, reading, and art to help create new pathways in the brain, and to retrain the brain. Each detail of the program is intentional, and serves a purpose. We find each person on their path and their journey, meeting them where they are. This is what sets Regency’s memory care program apart.

“Our residents, your family members, they’re still there. And it’s our responsibility to find them and reach them and to speak to them. Even if it’s for only a moment that they remember.” -Jeff Clay, COO


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