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Fun Fall & Winter Crafts to Make the Season Brighter

It’s the most wonderful time of year to get crafty and spend some time creating– whether it’s for the sake of passing the time, to make a gift for a friend or loved one, or even just to liven up your own living spaces. The holiday season is a time to reflect on the positive things in life– things we’re thankful for– while enjoying time with the people we care about the most. Spend some heartwarming time with friends or other residents at Regency Huntsville while crafting! Check out the fun, DIY project ideas below as they’re sure to be a great time.

DIY Snow Globe

Make your own snow globe by repurposing an old mason jar! This winter craft is sure to be fun, and add a little cheer to your room. Using things like bottlebrush mini Christmas trees, matchbox cars, and other figurines, you can put together a custom snow globe scene– a glittery winter wonderland that’s the stuff of dreams. Keep it on your desk or nightstand, or give it to a friend to spread Christmas cheer! Check out these easy steps for how to make your very own waterless snow globe!

This fun DIY project makes new use of a pumpkin, a great idea for seniors in assisted living facilities who want to brighten up their space for the holidays.DIY Pumpkin Flower Vases

Have you ever seen a DIY pumpkin flower vase? This project poses a great way to extend the life of your fall pumpkins. Just hollow them out and repurpose them as bases for beautiful flower arrangements. This makes a great centerpiece for a table, addition to any living space, or a thoughtful, handmade gift for a friend!

This fall craft is super easy and fun. All you have to do is choose your pumpkin, cut a hole in the top and scrape out the inside– then add some water and your florals. With some pumpkins, depending on the size and shape, you may be able to hide a small glass or vase inside to hold the water. Check out this tutorial for inspiration and tips for completing this perfect-for-fall DIY project.

Cookie Decorating and Swap

Another fun and festive pastime for the fall and winter seasons is cookie decorating! Not only is this a great way to get your creativity flowing, but it also makes for a delicious treat you can partake of while you decorate. Just show up with your pre-baked cookies, icing, and sprinkles galore, and decorate sugar cookies or gingerbread men, bringing life to each of them one by one. When you’re finished decorating, you can give away your fancy cookies, or host a cookie swap party to share the merriment with your friends and assisted living facility neighbors. Check out this simple tutorial for making snowman cookies with Fieldstone Gingerbread Snacks.

DIY projects like making ornaments from cookie cutters can help make the season bright for seniors in assisted living facility in Huntsville.Cookie Cutter Ornaments

How long has it been since you made your own Christmas ornaments? We all did it in grade school, and lovingly brought them home to our moms who cherished them for years to come. How fun would it be to revisit the simple pleasure of creating something that sparks joy?

You can easily make beautiful and unique holiday ornaments with ordinary, everyday items. A great craft project you should try is fashioning ornaments from cookie cutters. The main things you’ll need are cookie cutters, decorative paper or photos, and ribbon or string. These fun and festive ornaments will look lovely hanging on your tree, or make the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. Maybe you could make some for your neighbors at Regency Huntsville to help them get into the holiday spirit. Check out a complete list of supplies you’ll need and steps to make your own cookie cutter ornaments here.