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March- Employee of the Month

Olivia has been with Regency almost thirteen years now. She served initially on the 2nd floor for two years, and has spent the other ten years on the 4th floor working with our assisted living residents. Olivia has been married for ten years, and has two girls, who are the light of her world. She moved here from Texas about fifteen years ago, and has been here ever since. For hobbies, she loves to sing, go on walks, and read. Olivia is passionate and caring. Recently when a dryer fire occurred, Olivia along with Fred searched out and located the fire. Olivia then flagged down the fire trucks and directed them to the appropriate area. Her goal was to care for her residents, and not let anything happen to them. She emphasizes, “I love my people at Regency! My passion is my residents.” Olivia has been such a blessing. We are delighted to have her as an amazing team member at Regency. Join us in congratulating her!