SPECIAL OFFER: Move-In Now and Watch Your Friendships Bloom!

Spring has broken in March with warm weather, birds, budding trees, and flowers. We welcomed the season with several special celebrations and plenty of COVID-19-safe activities to keep us physically fit, mentally astute, and socially active. These activities included the following:

  • New-To-Us Food Taste Testing
  • National Frozen Foods Day
  • National Popcorn Lovers’  Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day Kitchen Craft
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party with games, prizes, food, and music
  • Regency Buck Auction
  • Birthday Parties and Council Meetings
  • National Chip & Dip Day
  • National Waffle Day- homemade in the sun room
  • The Employee of the Year Recognition Party at the Pavilion with the Black Tupelo Band in concert, certificates and pins of service, and more
  • The Price is Right Game
  • and the new Brunch with Regency