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Welcome to another edition of Therapy Corner.

May is “Better Speech and Hearing Month,” so I thought I would take this time to talk about speech therapy and what it entails.

What does a speech language pathologist do, and how can it help you?

Did you know…?

Speech pathologists can treat swallowing disorders. A swallowing disorder, also called dysphagia, can affect a person’s ability to swallow their food, medications, and liquids. As you can imagine, not being able to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks can lead to a decreased enjoyment of eating. Speech pathologists can treat swallowing disorders through exercises, modifying diets, and other compensatory strategies.

Speech pathologists also help with memory to increase overall independence. Have you had trouble remembering what medicines you take or what activities you’ve done recently? We can train memory strategies to improve your ability to remember information, new and old.

Speech pathologists also provide services related to improving voice and hearing. Restore therapy has an audiologist on staff who can provide hearing evaluations. We work closely with our audiologists in therapy to improve hearing. We can also address vocal deficits, and train strategies to improve your ability to be heard!

If you think speech therapy services could be of help to you, please contact us!

Your Restore Therapy Family,
Ryan Parden, PTA